History does not always create a captivating, 9:00 today, when the Nanjing Youth Olympic women's rugby sevens tournament in loud whistle in a calm curtain, leaving the Olympic family for nearly 80 years, football has officially announced the return. However, the court fighting for the girls, cheap nfl jerseys usa the body has a more important mission - to break those prejudices about women should not appear in the football field.

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not equipped with helmets, armor and other protective gear, filled with tear, pushing, pulling, etc., together with fast-paced offense and defense conversion, in the eyes of many, advocating against what rugby sevens charm, but also destined to make the cheap stitched nfl jerseys sport is considered 'a man's sport.' 'Football is not for girls', which is the U.S. team scrimmage avant Shelvin Stephens hear most often at home, many of whom come from friends or 'goodwill' reminder. From the initial contact with the movement advocating confrontation so far, Stephens ball was only three or four years of age. According to the slender girl high school memories, since the beginning to practice, always someone trying to persuade her to spend more time in the dressing up, even busybodies likened this 'attempt to break into the world of men.' For others the sarcastic, Stephens seemed very convinced, 'People love to regulations, the girl should do, should not do, in fact, as long as the rules allow, girls can do anything.'

similar embarrassment, also exists in China. And Stephens, China Sun Choi Hung contact team football is not too long. Three years ago, the 17-year-old girl in Huai'an main project or basketball. When the privately sell Meng love, love the self-timer, she decided to transfer items, family and friends have expressed puzzled and worried, but it also seems to have become all female athletes into the football community must face the problem. For them, the only insist that it is the best way to prove himself. As Sun Choi Hung said, 'With a cumulative daily training, family, friends will understand the sport. Actually, I do not think there is any physical activity that girls can not engage in any sport has its own risks and fun . 'When puzzled and confused into support and encouragement, something that makes everyone moving scenes - the Youth Olympic Sports Park in today's football sidelines, Chinese players Yan Mei Ling's father rarely appeared in the stands. Once, due to ignorance of the sport, Yan father has been reluctant to attend the game, but her performance today but gave up his misunderstanding. In this regard, Yan father said: 'Only had seen only know that football is not just a man's sport.'

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not popular Rugby Sevens kingdom, the girls have to face more. They not only need to break the stereotype of the original society, have to face from time to time 'cold market' embarrassment. Even in North America, the real sports fans love and madness wholesale cheap nfl jerseys or American football, not the British style Sevens tournament. For many players, the really let their hold on power, except to prove that 'nei' determination, as well as rugby sevens team spirit embodied. Stephens said: 'I and his teammates to help each other make me feel warm and happy, and let me not be separated Sevens game.'

In this regard, the U.S. coach also agree. In his opinion, cheap womens nfl jerseys rugby sevens is an encouraging 'pass and exchanges,' the movement, 'and NFL (American Football League) game is different Sevens game is no limit on the ball, the referee will not be in the player throwing himself after being suspended game, which means that if you can not guarantee 'touchdown', players must cooperate more consideration for me and the girls, this is its charm. '

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