If you can, I want to give you a piece of clothing, a very popular name called wedding; if you can, I want you to give me a sign, sign in spouse; if you can, I want to use the identity card for you to customize a Darry prom hairstyles for long hair Ring (DR love ring), life can only be bought once; if you can section of the road, there is hope you accompany me to walk together, from shortage to the elderly, have you in my life.

She put on her wedding dress, white skirt cute girls hairstylesis cut into numerous Ruffle skirt. A layer of gauze natural hair styles Rourou to fold skirt covered by a layer of mist. The lace cuff uneven more beautiful. From the shoulders of a downward spiral of the decorative flower vines blossoming white roses, tailoring appropriate dress, full skirt, let her like cloud princess, gorgeous and elegant.

In the life the most happy moment, who don't want to show their most beautiful side and eternal retained. But how to hairstyles for thin hair choose a suitable own wedding, it seems that the other person is a headache problem, want to pick good, certainly let wedding with body luo. Choose a life of a wedding dress, to show their own characteristics and personality, and clever cover up shortcomings and deficiencies.

Even with systemic requirement bride headdress is snow-white, began the queen prom hair of Vitoria era, when the white represents happiness, while the later is strengthening the holy and faithful meaning, causing remarried woman, can not wear white wedding, but also formed the lofty status of pure white wedding outshines. Prior to this, also in Greek bride dresses in ""white"", the most commonly used color, but not strictly to the white body; the period of ancient Rome, the bride will wear the yellow face yarn: Chinese tradition with red dress as auspicious symbol; at the beginning of twentieth Century, the silver wedding is Zhang showed the royal family of the distinguished status, visible wedding is the appropriate ""color"", no special provisions to wear gauze of pure white. With the continuous change of the trend of the world, in addition to white wedding dress, ivory, beige and other traditional colors, in recent years in Chengdu wedding photography studio is also becoming popular set of pink dress, such as pink, orange, blue, purple, green and pale silver powder, very downy and pleasing to the eye; if you are willing to try, dark green, purplish red, deep dressed in purple, pink gauze, forming a strong color of the dress, a big effect is special; as for the most popular, of course, is ivory or white wedding dress, with a pink silk flowers, butterflies, to add color. In fact, the wedding is what color is not too important, first must condition is to bride color match. Oriental color deep yellow, wear white wedding dress, will appear dull, wearing ivory will be more harmonious with nature, blue, purple and yellow skin can not be coordinated, but pink orange, green and yellow powder color matching. As for skin white inside deeply red, or bronze skin, wearing a white will be very good, especially the latter, will present a tuxedo with different radiance.

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