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Where do I start?
Caregivers can watch our teaser here – ConnectAde Welcome, and begin by entering an email address and zip code under “Ready to Get Started?”

Services and professionals (doctors, attorneys, home remodelers, geriatric care managers, etc.) can click on “Professionals” on the Menu Bar and then search for their listing, activate it, or create a new listing.

What’s the big picture?
ConnectAde is an incredibly simple, yet comprehensive, step-by-step process for anyone either currently caring for an aging loved one or proactively preparing for life down the road. ConnectAde empowers families to easily determine needs, research and find services, and disseminate information to the family in one coherent package.

How is this different from other services?
  • Tells you what to do
  • Links you to the local people that can help with a simple click of the mouse
  • Gives you a Care Action Plan with a private, secure dashboard from where the family can coordinate care (Account Profile)
  • Provides professionals the ability to feature themselves for FREE and get linked to new caregiver customers directly through the site
  • Everything about ConnectAde is positive and hopeful

Can you please add some features?
ConnectAde is continually making improvements. Please, please, PLEASE contact us if you have any ideas. Chances are good that if you tell us about an improvement idea, it will be implemented fairly quickly.

Is ConnectAde really FREE?
ConnectAde is 100% FREE to all Caregiver Members. There is no catch or tricks. Professional Members that want to feature themselves on ConnectAde can do so absolutely FREE as well. However, should a Caregiver Member make a request to contact a featured Professional Member through ConnectAde, the Professional Member simply pays $5 to view the contact information and message submitted by the Caregiver Member.

So how does ConnectAde make money?
ConnectAde makes money through limited advertising on the site and when a Professional Member purchases a sales lead submitted by a Caregiver Member.

Then is my information truly private and secure?
Caregiver Member contact information is only given to Professional Members when a Caregiver Member specifically makes a contact request to a Professional Member. Information is given to that specific Professional Member only. You have complete control of your information.

Please view our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for more specific privacy information. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further clarification.

My business assists with some aspect of caregiving, why should I become a Professional Member?
Becoming a ConnectAde Professional Member is FREE advertising. More importantly, ConnectAde is targeted advertising. Anyone that uses ConnectAde is actively searching for help. In a sense, Caregiver Members are looking to mingle. Professional Members are shown first in Related Service Listings. You only pay ConnectAde if a Caregiver Member requests you to contact them. So unlike advertising in magazine, newspaper, phonebook or on TV, you don’t pay anything up-front. You only pay for legitimate sales leads that are interested in your business.

How do I invite family and friends to join me on the site?
Once you become a Member, go to your Account Profile by clicking on the words on the top right of the page.
  • Click on “Invite and Manage Family/Friend Accounts” in the “Member Menu” on the left side of the Account Profile.
  • Click “Add New Family/Friend Account” and then enter the family or friend’s information.
  • An email will automatically be generated and sent to the family or friend you have invited.

How do I add or change the information I have posted on my loved one’s Account Profile?
Simply click “Edit Info” at the top of the Account Profile page or click “Manage Loved One's Information” under the “Member Menu” on the left side of the Account Profile.

Why does my Member Menu look different?
Caregiver Members that originally create the Account control editing privileges and who is invited to view the account. If you were invited as a “Friend/Family Account”, you will have limited editing ability. If you are unable to change some information on the Account Profile, ask the individual who invited you to make the change.

What if I want to change my Password or my contact information?
Go to the Account Profile page - under “Member Menu”, click on “Manage Account”.

How do I assign a Care Action Plan to my loved one?
Become a free Member of ConnectAde and then view a Care Action Plan. When you view a Care Action Plan, you will see text that reads “Assign Care Action Plan” on the left side of the Care Action Plan. Choose the loved one you wish to assign the Care Action Plan to and click “Submit”.

How do I delete my account?
Click “Delete Account” under the “Member Menu” on the left-hand side of the Account Profile.

Are there other cool things I should know?
We think the whole site is pretty cool, but let me bring up a couple things:
First, Caregiver Members can rate and review different services and professionals. In the Care Action Plan, click on an item within a Step to reveal services and professionals related to that Step. Move down to the “Related Service Listings” and scroll through the listings. If you have had contact with one of the listings, click “Review” under the listing’s name to give that listing a letter-grade. You can also write comments as well.

An overall grade is generated by calculating the Grade Point Average from the different criteria that are rated.

Second, you can organize all the services you use in caring for your loved one onto one page. Therefore, all the contact information for your loved one’s doctors, home health care agency, adult day care, and transportation company are in one place.

When you connect to a service listing through ConnectAde, simply click “Add to Preferred Services List”. Then, view your Preferred Services List in the Account Profile, click on “Preferred Services List” in the “Member Menu” on the left of the page.

How old is ConnectAde?
ConnectAde was started in 2009.

Who manages ConnectAde?
Tom Valenti is ConnectAde’s founder, and he is more than happy to talk to you. Please send him an email at

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