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ConnectAde Simplifies Life
Life is busy. Add in caring for an aging loved one and life becomes overwhelming. ConnectAde’s step-by-step process was created to make life easier. This site is not like other websites that clutter each page with unhelpful and incoherent information and advertisements. Caregiving is a new experience for most. Dropping someone in the middle of the caregiving maze makes life even more difficult. Here, ConnectAde gives you a process, a pathway, a map through your journey.

ConnectAde Simplifies Connections
Commonly, a first-time caregiver assumes that finding suitable housing for her loved one is all she needs to worry about. Despite this common thinking, caregiving is a dynamic process that includes medical, legal, and financial decisions as well. In the past, a caregiver could spend days searching the internet, talking to friends, and calling place after place in a quest to find the best services to help care for a loved one. Now, a caregiver can make all the necessary connections for every aspect of caregiving with a simple visit to ConnectAde.

ConnectAde Simplifies Communication
Why do relationships fail? The answer is often “poor communication”. ConnectAde consolidates all the communication involved in caregiving. No more mass emails and telephone chains. Your brother will no longer be able to use the "I never received your email" excuse, while your sister won’t have to call you 50 times a day to see how Dad is doing.

ConnectAde Simplifies Customer Acquisition
Caregivers come to ConnectAde because they need help. ConnectAde provides a direct line to those individuals in desperate need of services. Professionals can feature themselves or their businesses for FREE and easily connect to new customers and clients.
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